$TBCT is redefining DeFi by doing crypto the right way: Zero team tokens, 90% or more of presale money goes to Uniswap liquidity, Contract BURNS Uniswap LP tokens, No Admin keys. If you’re looking for the best way to earn crypto, you’re in the right place.

Using the $TBCT dashboard, you can use supported assets for $TBCT reservations and $TBCT staking. Funds collected for TBCT reservations are managed by the Uniswap protocol and used to form the initial liquidity pool for future trading.

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TBCT Community Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

The next frontier of human coordination

Online communities have changed how we live. Every day, people share and discuss world-changing ideas within those communities. But how can we translate all that energy into actually changing the world? DAOs are an inclusive, transparent and global model for human coordination. DAOs bring superpowers to online communities.

Online communities are like an open green field. People can walk around, meet others, have conversations, share ideas, play fun games. DAOs let people turn these fields into more permanent and productive spaces. Where strangers can trust each other, make decisions as a group, reward individuals for their contributions, and share in the common benefit.

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Global first

Collaborate with people all over the world and work toward shared goals. Organize with anyone from anywhere.

Transparent and secure

Track how funds are being used in the community and that they're being used within accepted boundaries.

Community ownership

Communities where everyone shares in the common benefit and participates in group decision making.

Attract and incentivize contributors

DAOs incentivize contributors by giving them a say in the future of the organization.

Govern those funds together

DAOs allow people to collaboratively channel common funds towards common missions.

What is TBCT Token Reservation?

On any given day of the LT Epoch, users may choose to send ETH (or any ERC-20 token traded on Uniswap V2) to the contract and assign it to any of the LT Epoch days that have not yet concluded. We call this action a “token reservation”. For example, during day 12, users may send and assign ETH to any of the days 12–50, but not to days 1–11, since those days have already concluded. Each token reservation is assigned to a single day, but users may make as many such reservations as they wish, to as many different days as they wish.

The TBCT contract front end will also include the ability for a user to spread a single reservation amount of ETH (or ERC-20) evenly across all remaining LT days. This “dollar cost averaging” feature saves gas for the user who wishes to reserve an equal part of each LT day.

Reservations can be made with ETH, but also with any ERC-20 token that's traded on Uniswap V2. This is done via direct integration with Uniswap, which swaps the ERC-20 for ETH as part of the reservation transaction. This is functionally the same as the user themselves swapping the ERC-20 for ETH on Uniswap, and then later sending the ETH to the TBCT contract for a token reservation. The benefit of using the TBCT reservation interface to do this is that it saves the user some gas fees and time.

Each single token reservation must be of a minimum ETH amount, to make spam attacks cost-prohibitive. The specific minimum amount will be finalized at a later date, closer to launch. This is because the price of ETH may change significantly between the time of this writing and the contract launch. The minimum will likely be in the neighborhood of $10 worth of ETH.

The contract will provide public interfaces for viewing the total amount of ETH currently assigned to each LT Epoch day across all users, as well as the total TBCT available for each day (where that supply has been determined, in the case of random days). For days where the supply has not yet been finalized, the min/max range will also be retrievable from the contract.

1,000,000 100%
Total Token Supply
Available for Reservation
50% of Total Supply

TBCT Token Referral

TBCT will pay you 10% commissions!

Must refer 50 ETH or more (EX: refer 100 ETH get paid 10 ETH). Don't have the clout? Refer at least 1 ETH total and the contract will reward you once with 0.05 ETH.

Why should people use your link? All referral links give users 10% bonus ETH when reserving TBCT and 10% more shares when staking.

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