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A DeFi-based Ecosystem for communities built on trust

TBCT is a community-governed ecosystem that bridges the interaction between projects,investors, pools, traders & much more, all based on a comprehensive trust system.

More Features

Your blockchain influence with a social impact



Worry less, understand more, and save valuable time by accessing trusted, verified information.

Educational materials from verified content creators.

One-on-one mentoring with the blockchain experts you admire.

Trading ideas from trustworthy experts.



Get your voice heard, build your reputation, and connect directly with an engaged audience

All of your work and audience in one place, neatly organized and intuitive.

Prove your worth and easily monetize your content.

Explore and find new charting challenges.


Project Teams.

Take advantage of centralized access to investors, influencers, and content creators.

Easily find new blockchain experts to submit your project for review (unbiased, objective analysis).

Find advisers to help your venture based on verified reviews from other projects that used their services.

Increase your audience and attract new users and adopters.

DeFi powered.

Not only do we integrate various DeFi features such as lending but we also enable direct trustable pool raises & other tidbits that complement DeFi.


Competition amongst traders and analysts is constantly at high levels. TBCT Token will provide the right incentives to stimulate and encourage quality content creation, offering the opportunity to challenge another peer to a 1 on 1 competitive “confrontation”.

Rumour Stack.

Anyone can post rumours about the blockchain industry. But only the ones who get it right and are backed by other members will become fact, and the creator will be rewarded for their findings.

Direct access to experts.

As quality content creators emerge and prove their knowledge, you will be able to auction for 1 on 1 consultations with those you are following and appreciate their work.

Roadmap TBCT

A summary of our planned development.

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To educate the world about the transformative power of blockchain by connecting on one platform all of the parties involved: investors, influencers, blockchain projects.
We are a team of solution-oriented minds with a common purpose: to drive adoption for blockchain technology. We believe that improved end to end experience will shape the medium that converts complexity into meaning.

Own the stage through your performance

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